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The total tonnage of grain and other foodstuffs exported from the three Ukrainian ports passed 3,000,000 metric tons

14 September 2022

14 September 2022, ISTANBUL – The Joint Coordination Centre (JCC) authorised today the movement of seven outbound vessels carrying a total of 140,650 metric tons of grain and other food products under the Black Sea Grain Initiative.

The seven commercial vessels authorised to move tomorrow, 15 September, are:

1) ASTRA CENTAURUS (IMO 9611802) from Chornomorsk to Barcelona, Spain, carrying 55,000 metric tons of wheat.

2) NORAH (IMO 9460289) from Chornomorsk to Antwerp, Belgium, carrying 30,000 metric tons of rapeseed.

3) VALERIO (IMO 9244037) from Odesa to Iskenderun, Türkiye, carrying 26,000 metric tons of corn.

4) DERG (IMO 9393060) from Chornomorsk to The Netherlands, carrying 9,600 metric tons of sunflower oil.

5) MAHER (IMO 8806905) from Chornomorsk to Tunisia, carrying 7,800 metric tons of wheat.                     

6) OCTOPUS (IMO 9518634) from Yuzhny/Pivdennyi to Constanţa, Romania, carrying 6,500 metric tons of corn.

7) LARA S (IMO 9334301) from Odesa to Monopoli, Italy, carrying 5,750 metric tons of sunflower oil.

In addition, two more vessels are expected to move tomorrow: EIDER S (IMO 9364784) from Yuzhny/Pivdennyi to Spain, carrying 50,855 metric tons of corn, whose departure was planned for today, and KAN 2 (IMO 9154268) from Odesa to Libya, carrying 11,000 metric tons of corn and 2,981 metric tons of barley, whose departure was initially planned for 10 September.

Destinations indicated are based on information received at the JCC and may change based on commercial activity. Grains that reach a destination may go through processing and be trans-shipped to other countries.

As of 14 September, the total tonnage of grain and other foodstuffs exported from the three Ukrainian ports is 3,060,110 metric tons. A total of 297 voyages (161 inbound and 136 outbound) have been enabled so far.

The JCC concluded today ten inspections on the following vessels: seven inbound, AKSON SARA (IMO 9475739), ASPASIA LUCK (IMO 9223485), DS MANATEE (IMO 9255189), LEONORA VICTORY (IMO 9283784), MAVKA (IMO 9284647), NYMPHI (IMO 9615030), and SWIMMER (IMO 9033713), and three outbound, KIRAN AMERICA (IMO 9491264), LADY SHAM (IMO 9171383), and LUCKY (IMO 9037305).

The joint teams plan twelve inspections tomorrow on eight inbound and four outbound vessels.

As per procedures agreed at the JCC, all participants coordinate with their respective military and other relevant authorities to ensure the safe passage of commercial vessels under the Black Sea Grain Initiative.

The JCC monitors closely the passage of commercial vessels through the maritime humanitarian corridor. 

Note to editors: The Joint Coordination Centre was established under the Black Sea Grain Initiative in Istanbul on 27 July 2022. It comprises senior representatives from the Russian Federation, Türkiye, Ukraine and United Nations and its role is to enable the safe transportation, by merchant ships, of grain and other foodstuffs and fertilizers from three key Ukrainian ports in the Black Sea to the rest of the world.

Ismini Palla

Black Sea Grain Initiative Joint Coordination Centre Media and Communications Officer

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