Press Release

Black Sea Grain Initiative Joint Coordination Centre

16 August 2022

Operational update

15 August 2022, ISTANBUL – The Joint Coordination Centre (JCC) has authorized today the below movements of commercial vessels through the maritime humanitarian corridor under the Black Sea Grain Initiative.

Outbound vessels authorised to move tomorrow, 16 August are:

1) MV PROPUS from Chornomorsk carrying 9,111 metric tons of wheat with destination Constanza, Romania

2) MV OSPREY S from Chornomorsk carrying 11,500 metric tons of corn with destination Mersin or Iskenderun, Türkiye

3) MV RAMUS from Chornomorsk carrying 6,161 metric tons of wheat to Karasu, Türkiye

4) MV BRAVE COMMANDER from Yuzhny (Pivdennyi) carrying 23,300 metric tons of wheat to Port de Djibouti, Djibouti (wheat is destined to Ethiopia as part of the World Food Programme’s response to the drought)

5) MV BONITA from Yuzhny (Pivdennyi) carrying 60,000 metric tons of corn to Incheon, Republic of Korea

Inbound vessels authorized to move pending inspection are:

1) MV ADNAN TORLAK heading to Chornomorsk

2) MV FILYOZ heading to Chornomorsk

3) MV GANOSAYA heading to Odesa

The joint inspection teams will conduct inspections tomorrow at Marmara Sea at inbound vessels ADNAN TORLAK, FILYOZ, GANDSAYA, KUBROSLIY and outbound vessel THOE.

Today, the JCC inspected inbound vessels GREAT ARSENAL, ZUMRUT ANA and OCEAN S and they were all cleared to proceed to Chornomorsk.

As per procedures agreed at the JCC, all participants coordinate with their respective military and other relevant authorities to ensure the safe passage of commercial vessels under the Black Sea Grain Initiative.

The JCC will monitor closely the passage of those vessels through the maritime humanitarian corridor.


Note to editors: The Joint Coordination Centre was established under the Black Sea Grain Initiative in Istanbul on 27 July 2022. It comprises senior representatives from Russia, Türkiye, Ukraine and United Nations and its role is to enable the safe transportation, by merchant ships, of grain and other foodstuffs and fertilizers from three key Ukrainian ports in the Black Sea to the rest of the world.


For more info, contact: Ismini Palla (Ms),, +962770996330 (whatsapp/signal/mobile)

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